Shortly before the turn of the year, DHZ presented a new treadmill with a 32 “display in China. The 2017 treadmill is designed to combine attractive design, gentle fitness training and the possibilities of today’s entertainment.

Ever since, DHZ Fitness has received a design award for a treadmill. The prestigious “Red Star Design Award” was recently awarded for the X-8600 treadmill.

The new treadmill is also set to set standards. Thus, the processing is very accurate and high-quality, so that the everyday stresses of a sports studio can last for years.

As a reference to today’s digital age, the new treadmill has been equipped with a 32 “display so that the trainer keeps his data in view, but at the same time can enjoy variety and entertainment during the workout.

The treadmill with 32 “display will be available in spring 2017 in Asia, from autumn 2017 it can be ordered with the European importer Supersport Fitness.

DHZ Fitness stellt Laufband mit 32 Zoll-Display vor