DHZ Fitness, the producer of the power equipment and Crosstrainer of Supersport Fitness, will open up new showrooms in China. Ten showrooms will be distributed across the country to satisfy the great interest in fitness equipment.

The showrooms will showcase all fitness equipment on two floors and make the many planned new products come to life. The first areas were rented, so that the opening of the first showrooms can take place at the end of 2016.

Through the Showrooms, DHZ Fitness promises to provide local customers with a better choice. The quality for which DHZ fitness equipment stands for can only be fully captured when you can experience the products live.

All the device lines will be presented in an appealing manner in each showroom. The renderings show how attractive the presentation will be.

In addition, further planning and sales talks can take place in special lounge areas. Also other showrooms are already planned, announced the management of DHZ Fitness.