There are many reasons to buy your gym equipment at DHZ. Quality is the most important part.
Our experienced production manager controls a production according to the latest state of the art,
monitored by an ISO 9001 quality management.

  • Easy to follow manual
  • Easy adjustment and resizing
  • Intuitive handling
  • Compliance with safety standards
dhz fitness price performance
  • Top Value
  • Cheap Installation and Service
  • Cheap and transparent transport costs
  • Fast and cheap supply of spare parts
DHZ Fitness Equipment
  • For professional usage
  • Clever and modern design
  • Weight options for many devices
  • Simple and reliable handling
DHZ Fitness Quality Management
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • Modern production
  • High-precision welds
  • Good warranty


DHZ fitness equipment has been designed for large loads and is suitable for professional use. Precise workmanship of the welds to the upholstery simplify usability and durability.



In July / August 2016 the DHZ Fitness units were tested by TÜV Austria according to the
DIN EN ISO20957/2 – european regulation for stationary strength equipment.

  • Duration test for leg press – 100,000 reps with full weight, load up to 350Kg
  • Pressure test for the seat – up to 500 kg pressure on the cushion
  • David von Hase at TÜV Austria in Vienna – so far all duration tests have been successfully passed
  • Simulation years of use – 100,000 cycles with max. weight and 80% of possible movement

Responsible engineer Paul Preissler of TÜV Austria: „The fatigue / duration testing was successful passed (100.000 repeats with full weight over 80% of possible motion), our thermal imager could not detect and unusual temperature, even not directly after testing“

The DHZ strength machines passed this test successful, without even leaving a trace of this fatigue / duration test.

“The results of this test fulfills our expectations and mirror our high quality standard. It´s a important proof for potential customers as we do not have long time references in the market” explains David von Hase, responsible for this certification “some Gym owners had concerns about our quality, now we can delete them all. We will set up this test samples in our showroom and also show them on FIBO 2017, so everybody can see the good condition of our units are after this test. ” David von Hase continues.


  • Stainless steel cover Evost
  • High quality footrests
  • Device with manual
  • Premium seats

  • Precisely manufactured weight stacks
  • Premium hand grips
  • Precise welds
  • Valuable pivot bearings