DHZ Offers Innovation Through Intenza Cardio Equipment

Berlin, Germany, January, 2021– DHZ, the leading German supplier of commercial gym equipment and business solutions announced today its product portfolio expansion, through a new exclusive partnership with Intenza, a forward—thinking brand of eco—friendly fitness equipment, to pursue commercial market growth opportunities in Germany.

DHZ Managing Director David von Hase explained: “We are enthusiastic about the smart and also visually appealing solutions.  With the Intenza brand, we offer our customers both.  The mirroring of the smartphone screen and the remote maintenance for the entertainment series is a big plus for the customers.”

The combination of Intenza’s exceptional products, with DHZ’s innovative approach to designing and outfitting fitness spaces, is set to offer an exciting new alternative for operators who wish to deliver a premium gym environment for their members.

“We can now offer our customers a large selection when it comes to cardio.  From HIIT to entertainment, we have everything in our portfolio from now on.  For those who make quick decisions, we are offering a full 4—year guarantee at the start,” says Michael Birk, Managing Director of DHZ Fitness who is also responsible for sales.

Commenting on the dynamic new partnership, Lars Schmidt, Vice President Sales EMEA said “Intenza is passionate about building a sustainable business that is focused on customers.  When we met DHZ and learned of their strong customer focus and doing what it takes to deliver the best experience, we realised that we had found the right partner in Germany.  We recognised the natural synergies that makes us unrivalled in teamwork and together we are able to offer German fitness operators, who value customer—centric fitness solutions, more value, more innovation and more choice.”

Intenza Fitness is committed to delivering the finest quality product experience possible, whilst minimising natural resources; DHZ delivers performance—impacting solutions.  Together this makes an unrivalled combination.  Such a partnership offers strong support for the fitness industry and from design and manufacturing, to user experience, to a combined mission to promote exercise and wellbeing the alliance is a winning combination.

Intenza cardio equipment is now available for order.  Interested operators should contact DHZ directly via sales@dhz-fitness.de for more information, or to arrange a visit to the companies showrooms in Berlin and Düsseldorf, where the Intenza product line is showcased.

For further information, please contact

Michael Birk

Email: sales@dhz-fitness.de
Phone: +49 176 478 932 16

Lars Schmidt
Vice President Sales, EMEA

Email: lars.schmidt@intenzafitness.com
Website            https://www.intenzafitness.de


About DHZ

DHZ Fitness Europe offers professional fitness equipment for fitness studios.

We are an owner-managed company from Germany with an experienced team of motivated fitness experts.

We purchase our goods directly from our partner DHZ Fitness China. The world’s largest factory for fitness equipment! We represent the plant exclusively throughout Europe.

The short distances are reflected in our unbeatable prices. In addition, we advise customers fairly and competently and help you get the right idea of your project with the 3D planning.

We can react flexible and unconventionally to customer inquiries and contribute to significantly increasing the income per studio.
DHZ employs over 20 people and operates all over Europe.

About Intenza

Intenza is a global premium fitness and lifestyle brand founded in 2012 whose vision is to offer sustainable health and fitness solutions to celebrate the power of holistic health: mind, body and soul.  Our rich heritage is built from the ground up and our history paints the portrait of a brand that appreciates the value of tradition and how it can keep us grounded while propelling us forward. 

Built around the relentless determination to create products that push the boundaries of design and technology we are at the forefront of fitness innovation exemplified by the Red Dot award—winning Escalate Stairclimber.  Every Intenza product is characterised by the unique combination of impeccable engineering, timeless design, unrivalled craftsmanship and sustainability.  Our line of commercial cardio products is built in a socially responsible manner to minimise carbon footprint at our energy efficient manufacturing facility leveraging solar energy. 

Providing world—class service, 24 hours over time zones, facility owners enjoy the value of innovation, safety, reliability and design associated with Intenza products, and exercisers, a versatile, premium and engaging training experience with must—have technology.

With 4 subsidiaries in the US, Europe and Asia, Intenza’s innovative and progressive fitness equipment products are sold direct and distributed worldwide through authorised partnerships.  The company employs over 200 people and operates in 69 markets.