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Stay inside, keep the distance, wear a mask – somehow I have the feeling that that’s not enough. Can a fan really help?

The experts keep saying: We are just getting to know the virus. Which probably means – there will be new knowledge and new measures, right?

Now it has been found that the so-called aerosols also play a role. Aerosols are tiny particles that, unlike droplets, can stay in the air for a long time and do not sink to the ground as quickly. In contrast to droplets – it is said – for aerosols, a distance of 1.5 meters is therefore not sufficient to significantly reduce the risk of infection. The risk of infection from aerosols is particularly high when many people are in a confined space. That sounds logical, but it doesn’t really sound great, does it? I mean – of course – we are outdoors a lot in summer, distance is not such a problem, but the next autumn and winter will definitely come.

Aerosols as virus carriers

It means – we have another problem! The aerosols. The economy has to start up again: Companies, especially those that produce, need their employees on site and not in the home office; we want our children to be able to go back to school, kindergardens and day care centers; authorities, churches, museums, workshops, restaurants, etc. are open or want to open and should please, please remain open. The fact is: people are mainly in closed rooms and right there it is again – our problem: the aerosols! We now know that those who are exposed to aerosols are at increased risk. And in fall and winter it all just gets worse and worse.

Drosten: Large fans help in closed rooms

So how do we solve our aerosol problem? How can we get air again? One suggestion comes from one of the leading German virologists, Christian Drosten. He advises to ventilate the aerosols. „Ventilation can help to reduce the risk of such aerosol transmissions, said Drosten in „Deutschlandfunk“.“ (1). And – and now it comes – „Another protective measure could be, for example, a large fan that blows air to the outside.“ (2), says Drosten, referring to current studies and observations.

Start the fight against aerosols – through effective and inexpensive ventilation. Off to the fight – fans on!

Sure, we remember the last hot summers and now take out the table fans, which we usually place in all possible corners to keep the room temperature at an acceptable level. But STOP! Professor Drosten speaks of large fans!

Because: The fans must be able to exchange all the room air, not just the one cubic meter above a workplace. And when he speaks of large, he has a diameter of 2 m or maybe 2.60 m in his mind. Nothing else! A major problem requires appropriately large, yet inexpensive countermeasures.

Remember: fresh air supply and air exchange is active virus protection!

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The fitness industry is already taking advantage of large fans

DHZ Fitness has been successfully offering large fans for more than a year to supply stale fitness clubs with fresh air. Of course, the fans are also available to all other facilities that want to fight Corona with fresh air.
So now equip the Corona toolbox with the DHZ fan and be prepared to fight the aerosols!
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(1) Drosten spricht sich für Öffnung von Schulen und Kitas aus (Der Spiegel, 25.5.2020)
(2) Virologe Drosten zu Aerosol-Übertragung (Deutschlandfunk, 25.05.2020)