DHZ Fitness offers two different models of Regun one for the professional and one for the home. Both form a tool that vibrates on different Frequencies massaged the body very effectively over the skin. The physiological effects are similar to those of manual massage methods. Thanks to the vibration massage, deeper parts can be reached faster and better.



This application can be used for activation before exercise, in pain as well to be used for relaxation. Also, the application provides faster recovery and muscle relaxation after exercise. The big advantage of the vibrating massage, with up to 3,000 repetitions of vibrations, is a high level of neuronal stimulation, which causes greater stimulation than is possible with manual massage. High pressure applications increase blood flow, gentle pressure with high frequencies is more suitable for pain management.

There are different application variants:

1. classical passive application technique at rest or muscle stretching
2. passive and active dynamic application technology
3. passive combined with manual application technology

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