Every German sits an average of 6.5 hours a day.

Should your members then also sit down for the most part during training?

Dear studio owners, this is a provocative question, but it is worth considering given our everyday behavior today.

Sitting will be tomorrow’s “smoking”. We just sit a lot. Whether at work, on the way there, during the coffee break or at home on the sofa. The trend towards home office has intensified this. Even in the gym, members exercise a lot while sitting. We shorten the hip flexor through our everyday behavior and weaken the core muscles. Although this is one of the most, if not the most important, muscle groups when it comes to pain relief and a healthy, fit body feeling.

Another factor that plays an important role in the training of our customers today is time. How can members get the best possible result out of their training in a short period of time, so that they can easily and easily integrate it into their everyday life?

From the point of view of the studio operators, two results are particularly important for the members: firstly, the success and secondly, a long-term training perspective with sufficient variety. For the operator, this should take place as far as possible without costly support. That doesn’t mean anything else than that our customers are satisfied and happy with our product “Fitness” and have recognized its necessity for a long time or even forever.


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  • PSWE03 Traction
  • PSWE09 Squat
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It is the task of the operators and trainers to create a solution for the members. Time management, success and profitability must be agreed. The trainer has to create a workout, which in 20 minutes contains the three most important components for a successful training. So strength endurance, flexibility and the fun of a short and intense workout. From the operator’s point of view, economic efficiency is added (space requirement, throughput volume, acquisition, maintenance and servicing).

The stand up concept from DHZ Fitness Europe, with ten functional strength machines, offers a solution and is a real addition to classic training on machines. The concept can even be integrated economically and success-oriented with a §20 certified course. The ten devices all offer functional guided movement while standing. Here the customer has the expected security of movement of a classic strength machine and at the same time the freedom in functional movement. The exercise on the devices is easy to understand and can be carried out without intensive instruction. Training while standing also strengthens the important core muscles. The concept can be implemented from an area of ​​only 9 m². There is no additional service effort. Ten years of focused development time offer a biomechanical sensation and an optimal training experience. Italian design rounds off this unique stand-up concept optically. DHZ Fitness offers the devices with a four-year full guarantee.

Further information at sales@dhz-fitness.de