Our service for you –
3D studio planning – in very good quality!

A good planning for your investment – is an important criterion
to the decision – and brings the security that you want.
The high costs of 3D planning have deterred many.
Now DHZ Fitness offers a free service – no matter how many
devices you need, we plan for you for free and answer
the most important questions:

  • How many devices fit in my rooms?
  • How can you optimally position yourself?
  • Which variations are available?

Send us your floor plan by email and we will work out together which devices you want to use in your studio. After that we need 1-3 days to present you our first result.

3D walk-through video – we offer this service on-top when you order devices from us. Show your members an idea of ​​your planned investment in advance or permanently create a better impression of your studio for interested parties.

The DHZ Fitness Gym Designer – just plan it by yourself

We offer you – probably from January 2018 – as the first device manufacturer in the industry – our own 3D planning software for free to use – the gym designer – to create your own 3D studio planning.

You will find in the software the complete, exactly scaled range of devices from DHZ Fitness and Supersport Fitness, as well as the cardio machines from our trading partner INTENZA.

The software is very easy to use – but we still recommend to read the manual in a relaxed atmosphere in advance.

Simple rooms can be designed quickly by yourself. For larger properties and larger floor plans, we offer the service to have them created for you by our team of architects.

DHZ Fitness Europe GmbH

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