DHZ Fitness (Shandong Dahuzi Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2002 and is still owned by its founder, Zhou Yueming. Due to his tireless passion, the company manages approximately $ 100 million USD per year in 2017 for the production of professional fitness equipment, making it probably the largest manufacturer in China. DHZ Fitness is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management. The factory area, with the recently completed new building, is approximately 230,000 square meters big. For 2018/2019, an extension to over 400,000 square meters is planned. See picture below. The production capacity per month is currently 25,000 units. Upon completion of the new building at the end of 2017 / beginning of 2018 up to 50,000.

DHZ Fitness has equipped over 20,000 gyms in the primary markets – (main countries China, India, Brazil, Turkey as well as the Middle East).
The products cover a very wide assortment, with regular product improvements and new developments. Exceptional value for money with good biomechanics combined with high quality through state-of-the-art production, mostly TÜV tested according to European safety guideline DIN EN 20957.

Premium manufacturers consider the quality as sufficient for the OEM production of their products. Thus, DHZ Fitness also produces OEM for some established brands.

In Europe, SUPERSPORT Fitness GmbH is responsible for European sales. The owner of DHZ Fitness, Mr. Zhou Yueming is a 20% owner of the GmbH. DHZ Fitness and the German brand SUPERSPORT Fitness have a close cooperation. DHZ Fitness produces for the German company and has a license to distribute the SUPERSPORT brand in the Asian market.

The SUPERSPORT Fitness GmbH is committed to full transparency and a customer-friendly strategy. DHZ Fitness is thus the first major manufacturer to keep the list prices of DHZ Fitness on the website and in catalogs actively informed about offers. Central warehouses are currently located in Velten, Berlin and Celle in order to enable customers to quickly deliver goods through fast product availability.

DHZ Fitness is the first manufacturer in the world to offer its own solution with the 3D software “Gymdesigner” developed in Germany. Interested parties and customers can enjoy a free device planning and an optimal solution is worked out together, no matter whether 1 or 100 devices are planned in the purchase.

DHZ Fitness new building: